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Friday, September 16, 2011

~A Woman Who Inspires Me!~

Someone who inspires me...

I met someone that has truly inspired me. She asked that I not mention her name, so I will respect that. We started talking about saving money and finances one day and I was just AMAZED! Very few people knock my "financial socks" off, but she did! The more she spoke, the more I wanted to know. Finally, I said "can I blog about you?" Of course, I wrote everything down and then lost the tiny piece of paper. Then today it just appeared out of nowhere. So, here is part of her story and secrets to financial success!

She purchased a home when she was single. She put 20% down and took out a 30 year note. Shortly after, she married and then they paid it off in 6 years!!!

A few years later they decided to upgrade to a nicer and more expensive home. This home was more than double the price of their first home. They were down to only 1 income as she had become a stay-at-home mother of 2 at this point. They lost 1/2 of their income when she became a full-time mom. They got on a budget, she took on a few extra jobs bringing in a little money here and there. . They took out a 15 year note and paid it off in 5 years!!!

Are you inspired yet?

During this time they also paid cash for a pre-owned suburban. Can you imagine having 2 small children with no car payment and no house payment? To be completely financially independent??? Imagine just how amazing that would be!

How did they do it?
They put all of their extra money towards the house payment. They didn't over buy or overspend on anything. They paid cash for everything purchased.
The biggest secret...they TITHE! She said that God truly blessed their money and made it multiply.

What is next for them?
They are currently saving for retirement and 2 college educations for their children.

I'm so proud to know a woman of such financial integrity. I'm inspired! Are you?


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