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Monday, September 26, 2011

~Wal-Mart Comps~

Good Monday Morning Sassy Savers!

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend! Several of you have spoken to me about how excited you were to see the new Wal-Mart commercial that states that you don't have to actually have the competitor ad with you while comping something. I've expressed my concern to each of you as I've been given trouble by cashiers lately. Literally, I've been denied multiple times. Very annoying!
Trying not to be negative, I gave it a try on Saturday by comping milk. No problems at all! I left there telling my hunky hubs that Wal-Mart had redeemed themselves.

Well, all that changed when I went back in on Sunday afternoon. I was armed with the Albertson's ad just in case. At checkout I told her the comp price and store and she didn't believe me. She said "I need to see the ad". I said "That's fine, but your new policy says I don't have to have it". I showed it to her, she still questioned it (even though she was seeing it in print). Ugh! Moving on. At this point there were about 10 people wanting to shoot me in line. Literally, I was not the hold-up. It was the cashier! Anyway, I got my canned veggies for .49 per can and left the building.

All this to say, continue to take your ad with you while comping at Wal-Mart. It is obvious that they don't stand behind their word!

Yes, I will continue to hope for the best and continue to comp items at Wal-Mart. However, I will always keep an ad with me.

Happy Monday!

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