Couponing My Way To The Islands!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

~Save .10 per gallon on gas!~

Exciting News from Walmart Corporate!

Walmart announces a 90-day Rollback at the pump to give customers a savings of 10 cents a gallon on all fuel, gas and diesel, at participating Murphy USA and Walmart gas stations. The discount applies to gas purchases made when using a reloadable Walmart gift card, reloadable Walmart MoneyCard® or Walmart credit card from June 29 through September 30, 2011.

Below are the participating states:

*Alabama Gas Program
*Florida Gas Program
•New Mexico
•North Carolina
•South Carolina

Yeah Texas is participating!!!

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

~FREE Birthday Specials!~

Be sure to sign up for a birthday club at your favorite restaurants. Usually, they will send you a coupon for something FREE around your birthday. My birthday is next week and I just got a coupon emailed to me for a FREE hamburger at RubyTuesday!

I heart FREE!


Tuesday, June 28, 2011 80% Off!~

Get $25 gift certificates for only $2!
Enter Promo Code: SUMMER

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, June 27, 2011

~How to get your wallet ready for a VACATION!~

Sorry for not posting since Thursday. I've been at the....

This prompted me to write about how to save/plan for a vacation. If you are wanting to take a vacation or even long weekend get-a-way you will need to factor in the following:

Gas (this is a big expense with our current gas prices)
Decide what you want to do once you get there and plan your lodging accordingly. It doesn't make any sense to stay at a hotel that is not anywhere near the activities you are wanting to do and see.

Don't forget to include the snacks while traveling...better yet, pack your own and save. Gas station snacks are overpriced!
Try to book a hotel that offers a FREE breakfast. Most of them do now and some even offer a pretty decent variety.

Be sure to research where you want to stay first. If you are not particular, there are websites that you can just enter what you want to spend and it will choose the hotel for you. That sort of scares me. However, I know several people that have done it and it worked out beautifully for them. Just be sure to not skimp on the star system. I would advice to never go below a 3 star. If you are traveling internationally, I would advise AGAINST this! I have read where someone did this and ended up in a terrible place in another country. Not wise!
Also, when looking for a deal on the sites be sure to compare them to the actual website of the place you want to stay. Sometimes they are even cheaper! Another thing I do is call the hotel and ask what their best rate is or if they are offering any discounts not listed on the website. Several times I've gotten a discount just by calling and checking on things!
We rented a beach house for this vacation. It was really nice to have a full kitchen and a big house to move around in. Typically, beach houses are more than a hotel would cost. However, be sure to factor in the savings of being able to cook full meals (the entire time if you wanted).
Things to do in the area
Always research things to do in the area. Normally, you can find coupons on-line to take with you. Once you are there, ask the hotel if they know how to get discounts to local attractions. They may even have a special discounted rate with a place you are wanting to go!

Have fun!
Most importantly, have fun! So many of you that I've spoken with are so afraid to take a vacation because you don't know what it will cost. The beauty of planning ahead and setting a budget is that you are in control of how much you spend. A plan is a beautiful thing.

My favorite memories are family vacations. It was quality time away and that was what mattered. It isn't how much you spend that counts, it is that precious time that we all crave. Unplug, unwind and go have fun!

Monday Blessings~

Thursday, June 23, 2011

~Old Navy $2 Tanks!~

Old Navy is having a "Tankathon" sale on Saturday, June 26th. They are offering tanks starting at just $2! *Limit of ten per customer.
As always, be sure to arrive early as these will be a hot item!

Happy Shopping!

~2 Coupon Inserts Scheduled~

There should be 2 coupon inserts in the Sunday newspaper:

*1 RedPlum
*1 SmartSource

Happy Clipping!


PS...If you are in the market (aren't we all!) for an ocean front property, the white one is for sale. He he!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

~Menu Wednesday!~

I can't believe it is already Wednesday! This is a busy week and I just sort of threw my menu together. Here goes:

Chicken & Rice casserole + rolls
Grilled sandwiches
Tacos + pinto beans
Fish + mac & cheese + green beans

What's cookin' at your house?

Wednesday Blessings~

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

~Cheaper to pay now than to pay later!~

This has been an expensive year for us. We've had to replace or repair a few items that we were not intending (sprinkler system twice so far, tires, etc.). We also have a list of items that appear to be on their last leg (washing machine, grill, etc). It is the little things that add up!
A couple of weeks ago, my cute Coach pulled in and said that a big truck threw a rock and it cracked his windshield. In my past life, I would have just said "oh well" and not thought about it until it completely split and I would have to replace the entire windshield (true story). The frugal (smarter) me said "call a windshield guy right now before it gets worse". Luckily, he was able to come out and fix it 2 days later for $45. Granted it was $45 we had not intended on spending, however $45 is so much cheaper than a new windshield!
Some times it is cheaper to pay now, than to pay later!

Tuesday Blessings~

*The pic above is of mini-me & my hunky hubs on Father's Day. Mini-me made that adorable tool belt card while we were in Mexico. It included a McDonald's gift card because that is where she told her Memaw that she wanted to take her Daddy for Father's Day. So, we went to McDonald's and she felt like such a big girl paying all on her own. It was sweet!

Monday, June 20, 2011

~My CVS trip~

Happy Monday Sassy Savers! Hope everyone had a great Father's Day weekend.

Ran into CVS before church yesterday. Sadly, they were already out of some things. Luckily, I got a rain check for the Hershey's Bliss that was $5.99 with a $5.99 ECB plus I had a $1 coupon. Be sure to pick up a rain check for this moneymaker!

This is what I was able to get. This is a good example of NOT using coupons, but still getting a good deal on the store specials.

2 Planters
-$2 ECB back
=$1.50 each
*I'm pretty sure the cheapest I've seen these on sale at Kroger was $1.99 each

This deal was buy $10 of certain products, get a $3 ECB.
6 Extra Gum
$1.50 each
Milky Way
-$3 ECB
=$7 or $1 each

Again, nothing too exciting. However, these are easy deals to score if you don't have coupons.

Hope everyone has a great Monday! We are off to the pool :)


Saturday, June 18, 2011

~$10 off $25 Macy's Coupon!~

Today, until 1 pm, Macy's is offering a $10 off $25 purchase coupon! Go HERE to print. Be sure to read the fine print & exclusions before going.
I love Macy's and this is a great coupon!

Happy Father's Day Weekend!

Friday, June 17, 2011

~2 Coupon Inserts Scheduled~

There should be 2 coupon inserts in the Sunday newspaper:

*1 RedPlum
*1 SmartSource

Happy Clipping!

*This flower is what they would put in our room each day. It was fun to see how they would decorate with them!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

~FREE Photo Collage at Walgreens!~

Walgreens is offering a FREE 8x10 photo collage now through Saturday. Enter code 1FREEBIE at checkout. If you want it completely FREE, be sure to pick it up at the store.
This would make a make great gift!


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

~.99 Pepsi 12 packs at CVS!~

If you drink Pepsi or Diet Pepsi, this deal is for you! Go to CVS & scan your CVS card at the Extra Care Center (kiosk) to get a coupon for a .99 cent Pepsi 12 pack! This is a great deal for soda lovers! Remember, the deal is only good today (Wednesday, June 15th).

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

~FREE Kids Meal at Chili's!~

Go HERE to print a "Kids Eat Free" coupon for Chili's for today with purchase of an adult entree!



This pic was taken in front of the picture above. Not sure why it didn't show up in this picture. We were on our way to the French restaurant. We had veal, lamb, duck, quiche and probably a few other things that I didn't know what they were! I'm not really a fancy food kind of girl ;)

~Laundry Coupons!~

Go HERE for $10 worth of FREE laundry coupons from Bounce! They will send you the coupons by mail.

Tuesday Blessings!

*We were at the Indonesian restaurant in Mexico in the pic above. I did enjoy the sea bass chips as an appetizer. The rest of the food was a little too exotic for my taste. Of course, hunky hubs thought it was delicious!

Monday, June 13, 2011

~Happy Monday & A Couple of Deals!~

Good Morning Sassy Savers!

I'm back from paradise and things should be back to normal this week. My original plans were to post everyday that I was gone (as I have in the past). I even had posts ready for each day before we left! Once we got to the resort and found the business center, it was a long walk from our room & the beach. I posted on Monday, but had to wait in line for a computer. Then I decided that nothing I needed to tell you was time sensitive and that I just needed to enjoy my trip. Hope that works for everybody :)

This picture pretty much sums up my week in paradise! I was taking a moment enjoying the breeze and God's amazing creation. That is my happy place. My place of rejuvenation, replenishment, relaxation. The place my soul longs to go each year to find peace. I always feel like a new person when I return from vacation.
So many of you ask if couponing, saving money and working hard all year long is worth it for 1 week. My answer is and will always be "YES!"

We did pick up a few grocery items at Wal-Mart yesterday.

Corn on the cob-.25 each (this was so good on the grill last night)
2 lbs strawberries-$1.99 (this is a great deal!)
(6 bags) Doritos chips $1.99 (stocking up for an upcoming trip)
spinach salad

My goal was to spend less than $25 and we ended up spending $24! This was a no coupon & quick trip. Sometimes those are nice too!

Happy Monday!

Saturday, June 11, 2011 80% Off!~

Enter Promo Code: DEAL

*This pic was of our last night in paradise....more to come!


Friday, June 10, 2011

~2 Coupon Inserts Scheduled~

Howdy Sassy Savers! Hope everyone is having a great week. I sure am! I will be posting my island pics next week sometime. I've taken almost 500, so I have some serious editing to do! Just wanted to check in and let you know that there should be 2 coupon inserts in the Sunday newspaper.

*1 RedPlum
*1 SmartSource

Happy Friday!

Monday, June 6, 2011

How to save on oil changes!

Did you know that the service department in new car dealerships offer coupons & specials? We got a sheet of coupons in the mail for a $13.99 oil change from a local dealership. We have had work done at this particular dealership, so we thought we would give it a shot.
My husband called ahead for an appointment and to make sure the offer was legitimate. Sure enough it was! We got an oil change for $13.99! The lady who checked him out said that they often have coupons on their websites too. That saved us a lot of money today! Pretty awesome!

Happy Monday!

Friday, June 3, 2011

~3 Coupon Inserts Scheduled~

There should be 3 coupon inserts in the Sunday newspaper:

*1 RedPlum
*1 SmartSource
*1 Procter & Gamble

Happy Friday!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

~Old Navy Groupon Deal!~

Groupon has a pretty great deal going today if you like Old Navy. Go here to sign up for a $20 voucher for only $10!

You will have to sign up for a Groupon account for this offer. It takes up to 48 hours to enter your account. Offer is only good for about 15 more hours!

Thursday Blessings!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

~Menu Wednesday + Meal Prices!~

Summer is almost here! Well, it already feels like it is here outside. We enjoyed a nice & relaxing Memorial Day weekend. I got together with my cute Coach and planned our menu. It is so nice when he helps with the menu. I know he is going to be excited about what I'm making each night! The goal this week is to not go to the grocery store at all and to not eat out until Saturday.

I'm going to show you how much (roughly) each meal cost to make. This will make you rethink eating out when you see just how inexpensive eating at home can be!

Chicken, baked potatoes, fresh green beans & yeast rolls = Less than $3
Grilled burgers, grilled corn on the cob (.75) & beans (.49)= Less than $3
Chicken, noodles & broccoli = Less than $2
Baked Ziti, spinach salad & yeast rolls = Less than $3
Nachos (used leftover chicken & fajita meat)= Less than $2

As you can see, we will be eating a variety of food and never spent more than $3 per meal for a family of 3. We even had several leftovers! The baked ziti makes enough for 2 full meals for us.
Do you ever figure out how much each meal costs to make? Try it, you will be inspired to cook more often...I promise!

Wednesday Blessings~