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Monday, September 19, 2011

~Natural Solutions~

Good Monday Morning Sassy Savers!

Hope everyone is off to a good start this morning. Wasn't the sound of rain awesome last night? Of course losing the satellite and electricity not so much. However, a small trade off for some much needed rain!

Last night as we were out enjoying some relays in our back yard my hunky hubs noticed something...Mouse poo! Ick! He then spotted 2 tiny mice. Gross!
Immediately I ran inside to get on the computer to see what we could do to get rid of them without harsh chemicals. I read that we need to sprinkle kitty litter around the perimeter of the house and they will leave due to the smell of cat urine. Isn't that interesting?
I'll keep you all posted. Praise the Lord they haven't found their way into the house!

There are always natural approaches to most household problems on-line. Plus, they are usually TONS cheaper than hiring a professional. A few years ago I had an ant problem in the kitchen and on my front porch. I ended up using grits on them and it worked! I'm hooked on natural solutions now.

Happy Monday!

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