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Saturday, September 17, 2011

~Exciting News Regarding Fruits & Vegetables!~

People often approach me to sell items (make-up, home products, candles, etc.) and I will consider for a few minutes and then decline the offer. Yes, I wear make-up. Yes, I enjoy home products, candles, etc. However, I don't "believe" in them. Does that make sense? I don't want to invest my time in trying to sell something that I don't believe is key to living a great life.

Recently, I was approached about Juice Plus+. A woman that I dearly respect started sharing about the product and how it completely changed her health. I then began to study all the research and listen to all the cds about the product. Boy, was I convicted!

As a mom, I do my best to give my child fruits and vegetables everyday. However, we never get the 7-13 recommended daily allowance. Actually, I don't know anyone who does!

Once I read about how so many diseases and illnesses can be prevented through our diets, I wanted to get my family on this product IMMEDIATELY! Yes, there is a cost to this product. However, it is minimal compared to the cost of getting sick with doctor visits and prescriptions.

For around $1.50 per day I can take the capsules that are full of 17 different fruits and vegetables! Plus, my daughter is signed up for a child study which gets her the children's chewables FREE. She LOvES the taste of them! Actually, she thinks they are fruit snacks. I tried them and they are good. I was thrilled to find something that my daughter is excited to take! If you are interested in the child study, please email me at

For more information on Juice Plus+ go HERE to enter my site. You can read about all the research done on these products. It is very interesting!

Happy Weekend!

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