Couponing My Way To The Islands!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

~July Coupon Schedule~

Here is the July coupon insert schedule:

July 5th — Procter and Gamble only
July 12th — Smart Source & Red Plum
July 19th — Smart Source Only
July 26th — Smart Source & Red Plum

Happy Clipping!

~2nd Quarter Totals!~

Don't believe that I've ever mentioned before, but I only budget $250 for my groceries and toiletries per month. So, I am very proud of the $600.15 saved while spending less than $250 in June. I have loved stocking up and saving so much while spending so little. I feel so blessed to have these resources available to me. Yeah!

January 09 = $134.20
February 09 = $505.46
March 09= $418.04
1st Quarter total = $1,057.70

April 09 = $346.73
May 09 = 422.95
June 09 = 600.15!
2nd Quarter total = $1,369.83

*If you are in my area and would like for me to host a seminar, please email me at It is $25 per person and will last 2-3 hours. Please email me for more information.

Officially at capacity!

Okay, I feel very exposed right now! Some of you have requested that I reveal my freezer situation...So, here they are! I did not organize or even clean it for the picture. I do have a system so that I can at least see what I have and try to keep it organized by item or meat product. It is amazing how much meat you can fit into a small space once you separate it!
Hubby and I were just talking about how we hope to not have to buy any meat product until late fall. How awesome is that?! I'll keep ya posted on that one. We currently have chicken (boneless skinless, bone w/ skin, whole, strips, nuggets, you name it!), roast, pork chops, 2 types hamburger meat & 3 types of steaks. Where is the grill? ha!

~Today's Deals~

As mentioned before, I don't normally go to this many places in one day or ever really. However,today was the execption. I could not pass up the meat deals at Albertson's & Tom Thumb. They are not in my city, but in a neighboring one and just across from each other. Since I had a very small list of select sale items, it was easy to run in and out pretty quickly. If you haven't gone already, Tom Thumb's 3 day sale ends today.


Sirloin Steak B1 Get 2 FREE sale!!!
$16.36 FREE!
$16.18 FREE!
*This makes the steaks $2.06 per meal for my family (after separating them)

Pork Chops B1 Get 2 FREE sale!!!
$12.72 FREE!
$12.79 FREE!
*Roughly $3.23 once divided for my family (hubby likes 2)

2 Hunt's
Reg. $1.79
sale .99
-.20 (tripled)
=.39 each

Retail: $91.10
Spent: $30.25
Saved: $60.85 or 67% savings!


6 Hamburger Helper
$1.52 each
$9.12 total
-$1/2 Target q
-$1/2 Target q
-$1/2 Target q
-.80/3 man. q
-.75/3 man. q
=$4.57 or .76 each
*I don't like making boxed items often, but they are nice to have around sometimes. Once I add my hamburger, chicken or tuna, this meal will cost less than $2 total!

Bounty Paper Towel
-.50 Target q
-.25 man. q

5 Kotex
-$1 q
=.10 total or .02 cents each

Retail $15.21
Spent $4.91
Saved: $10.30 or 68% savings!
Tom Thumb:

Kraft cheese
Reg. $3.99
sale $2.49
-$1.50 q
*FYI: Cheese freezes well!

3 Tyson chicken
Reg. $7.99
sale $5.99
-$1 q
=$4.99 each
*I like the Tyson brand because they are 100% Natural with no preservative & no fillers. I don't feel bad about feeding them my daughter :)

Steak (huge sale....99cents per lb!)
Reg. $ $4.57!
Reg. $ $4.46!
*These steaks are HUGE, so we cut them up before freezing. There are 2 large steaks per package and we will be able to eat 8 meals off of this. That makes them $1.12 per meal! Mommy's smiling ;)
Retail: $64.35
Spent: $24.99
Saved: $39.36 or a savings of over 62%!

4 Pringles

Sale .99
-$1/2 q
-$1/2 q
*Saved $6.04 or a savings of 77%!
*Have I mentioned that we love chips?

Coupons for most everything!

If you have attended a seminar, I mentioned that you should look for coupons for everything prior to shopping. Even things that you would not think have coupons, actually do! Example: We are flying out for a trip this week and we will be needing airport parking. I found a 20% off airport parking coupon to use!

Victoria's Secret 20% off-TODAY ONLY!

Tuesday is the last day to get 20% off a $50 order at Victoria's Secret.

Use Promo Code: 20OFF50

Happy Shopping!

~Coupons reset!~

A quick note to let you know that most of the printable coupons sites will reset tomorrow. So be sure to put that on your list to do tomorrow.

Sites to check on:

*Every two weeks Cellfire reloads their e-coupons.

Monday, June 29, 2009

~A Few Deals~

9 gum
reg. $1.29
sale 3/$2
-BOGO ($1.29 q)
-BOGO ($1.29 q)
-BOGO ($1.29 q)

Retail $12.56
Spent $2.31 or roughly 82% savings!

2 Brawny (select a size=my favs!)
sale $6.99
-$2 ECB back
-.50 q
=$4.49 per package

2 Colgate
sale .99
-$1 q

Target Deals:

LA Looks gel
sale $1.74
-$1 q

J&J First Aid Kit
-$1 q

Saturday, June 27, 2009

~$5 Swimsuits at Old Navy!~

I saw these today and they are cute! I can't believe they are only $5 this weekend. If you need a one piece or mix & match 2 pieces, this is an awesome deal!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

~Kroger Today~

Kroger is having their Daytona sale again. If you purchase 10 participating items, you get $3 off. The prices below reflect the discount.

Multi-grain Cheerios
reg. $3.73
sale $2.19
-.75 shortcuts q
-$1 q

Lucky Charms
reg. $3.73
sale $2.19
-$1 q

Banana Nut Cheerios
reg. $3.73
sale $2.19
-$1 q

7 Cheetos
reg. $2.75
sale $1.37 each

3 Purex
reg $4.12
sale $2.49
-.35 q (tripled)
=$1.44 each

2 Kroger deli cheese
reg $2.59
sale .99

2 Kraft BBQ
reg $1.09
sale .69

BOGO sale

Salad kit
reduced to .89

5 McCormick Seasonings
reg $2.19
sale $1.00
-.50 (doubled)

reg $2.99
sale $2.20

Wheat thins
reg $2.64
FREE w/ purchase of Ritz coupon!

Tyson Chicken bag
reg $8.99
sale $7.99
-$1 int. q
-$1 q

*The FREE items!

Spent: $32.18
Saved: $55.22 or 63%

~CVS this week~

2 Always
sale $4.99
-$4 q
=.99 each

4 Soy Joy bars
$1.00 each
-$4 ECB back

Coppertone Sunscreen
-$2 ECB back
-$5 q

2 Thermacare
-$2.49 ECB back
-$1 q
-$1.50 q
=FREE + made $2.50 on the deal!!!

Spent: $1.47
Saved: $31.44 (per the receipts)
*That is a savings of 95%!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Nestle Recall!

FYI: Nestle is voluntarily recalling all of their refrigerated cookie dough products. If you have any of these, according to their site, you are to take them back to the grocer for a full refund. If you have any questions or concerns, please call 1-800-559-5025.

~Happy Father's Day!~

The water is so clear that you can see the fish. Amazing!

Happy Father's Day!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

~TJ MAXX It Bag!~

Offer: Get a FREE Reusable Tote Bag with any purchase at TJ Maxx this weekend (June 19-21).
So, we dropped by today and made a $6 purchase and got a FREE bag! This is my little lady modeling it along with 2 of her new tanks.

Hope everyone is having a great Father's Day Weekend!

~Old Navy Tanks Today~

We got to Old Navy by 9:30 am and they were already picked over. I did manage to find these colors. I purchased 3 for me and 4 for my daughter.
My 3 tanks:
Reg: $8.99
Sale: $2.00

Girl 4 tanks:
Reg: $6.50
Sale: $2.00

Retail: $52.97
Spent: $14 (pre-tax)
Saved: $38.97 or 75%!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Did a quick run into Kroger tonight on our way to a birthday party. The CVS trip was from a couple of nights ago. The Kroger sale runs through Tuesday and CVS ends Saturday night.

4 Suave shampoo
Reg. $1.09
Sale $1
-.50 q (doubled)

1 Suave deo.
Reg. $1.19
sale $1
-.50 q (doubled)

Angel Soft
Reg. $1.19
sale $1
-.50 q doubled

Reg $3.29
Sale $2
-$1 int. q

Kellogg's Cereal
Reg. $3.19
Sale $2
-$1 q
Retail: $13.22
Spent: $2

Saved: $11.22 or 85% savings!

Went back to CVS for more Dry Idea. This is not the best deal that I've gotten on it. Actually, have gotten it for free before. I had some ECB's that I needed to use and I like this deo. I would not have ever tried this deo. without a coupon before. Yet another great reason to coupon!
Sale $4.49
-$2 ECB
-$2 q
=.49 cents

~Old Navy Tank Sale!~

On Saturday, June 20th, Old Navy has Women's and Girls tanks for $2 each! There is a limit of five. If this is anything like the flip flop sale, it will be crazy! Get there early :)

Happy Tank Topping!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

~My Student did AWESOME!~

This is Tina and she is my friend and a student in my last seminar. Her total was $211 and she walked out only spending $150 the other night at Kroger! I am so proud of her!!!

You go girl with your cute binder & bag!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

~June 15th deals~

3 Suave shampoo
reg. $1.09
sale $1
-.50 q (doubled)
5 Suave deo.
reg. $1.19
sale $1
-.50 (doubled)

Kroger meat deal:
I got these large family packages marked down for $1.37 per lb. They were marked down to less than $5.50 per pack. I will get over 30 meals out of this. So, basically I am paying .50 per meal for the meat portion. That makes me very happy :)

Where's the beef? It's here!

*This is after we separated it all into freezer bags.

2 Kellogg's cereal
reg. $4.29
sale $1.88
-$1 q
=.88 per box

2 Dry Idea
reg. $5.29
BOGO sale
-$2 q
-$2 q
=$1.29 total or .64 cents each

retail: $19.16
Spent: $3.05
Saved: $16.11

Monday, June 15, 2009

~Back from PARADISE!~

Well, we are back home now from our tropical vacation. We had a BLAST! I will be posting a few pics periodically. Hope you all had a good shopping week. I just went today and will be posting my deals later.
I'm already excited to start saving for my next vacation!

*This was the view from our balcony. The water was so beautiful!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

~A few more deals!~

LA Looks
sale $1.99
-$1 q

Dial soap
sale $1
-.35 q (tripled)

2 Lysol (double packs) toilet cleaner
sale $2.99
-.50 q (doubled)
=$1.99 or $1 per bottle (which makes it cheaper than the generic)

2 Lysol 4-in-1 sprays
sale $1.73
-.50 q (doubled)
=.73 each

4 Lysol 4-in-1 refills
sale $1.73
-.50 q (doubled)
=.73 each

*I would have gotten even more, but they were out of everything else. It was a great sale once combined with coupons!

5 Hot/Lean Pockets
sale $1.69
-.50 q (doubled)
=.69 each

2 Knorr Noodles
sale $1
=.62 each

Special K
sale $2.50
-$1 q

Healthy Choice lunch meat
sale $1.99
-.55 q

Hillshire Farms lunch meat
sale $2.39
-.35 q (tripled)

2 Pampers
sale $8.99
-$2 q
-$5 ECB

Crest Rinse
sale $3.99
-$1 q
-$1 ECB

Gillette Razor
sale $7.99
-$3.99 ECB
-$4 q

3 Johnson's Buddies
.97 each
-$3/3 q

Monday, June 8, 2009

~Bath & Body Works~

I hit the last day of the big Bath & Body Works sale on Saturday. This is what I purchased!

10 Wallflowers
Reg. $12.50
Sale $4
-$10 off $40 purchase coupon

Retail =$125.00
Spent = $30.00
Saved= $95.00

~CVS deals from yesterday~

2 Pringles
sale 2/$3
-$1 q
-$1 q
=.50 each

2 Dawn
sale $2/2
-$1 ECB
-.50 q
-.50 q

Crest Rinse
sale $3.99
-$1 ECB
-$1 q

Reg. $7.99
Clearance 90% off
=.79 cents each!

~Awesome Pampers Deal~

CVS has a deal on Pampers diapers this week that is not advertised in the circular. You can get a Jumbo Pack for just $1.99-$2.99 after coupon and ECBs. I tried it last night and it didn't work, but the manager said it would today. Here’s the deal:

Buy 1 Pampers Jumbo Pack at $8.99
Use $1/1 coupon from 6/7 P&G insert
Receive $5 ECBs
Final Price = $2.99

*I still have a $2 coupon, so I will be getting these for $1.99!

More information about this ECB deal can be found at

Even if you don't have kiddos, at this price, diapers make the best gifts!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

June 3rd Seminar

My hubby took a quick pic before I left and then I took a pic when I arrived at Jamie's home. We got so wrapped up in the seminar that I lost track of time and forgot to get my camera out and photo everyone. Bummer! Thank you to Jamie, Jenny, Liz, Tina, Amy & Laura who came. I had fun teaching you all. I hope that your families will be as blessed as mine has been.

*Cute Jamie with some of my product example's on her kitchen island.
* We have a new Nikon camera and have been playing around with the settings. I'm not this color, but think it looks neat to lighten it up so much.
*This photo was brightened up a bit
*No editing...Regular color...a little dark

"We want to see Your glory...every knee falls down before Thee"

~June 7th Coupons!~

Don't forget their should be 3 inserts tomorrow!
(Smart Source,Red Plum & Procter and Gamble).
This is a great week to purchase multiple papers!

Happy Clipping!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

~National Donut Day!~

Krispy Kreme will be giving away one free doughnut to every customer tomorrow for National Doughnut Day. No purchase is necessary.
Dunkin’ Donuts will be giving away a free doughnut with the purchase of any beverage (while supplies last).

I'm going to pass on this freebie, but it does sound yummy!

~JCPenny $10 off $10~

Use code GR8DAD at and get $10 off a $10 purchase or more.
Shipping starts at $4.50. Great idea for a Father's Day gift!
Happy Shopping!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

~FREE Sonic Root Beer Float!~

Today, 6/03, from 8pm until midnight everyone nationwide can enjoy a free Root Beer Float from Sonic! It is a 10 oz size, and requires no coupon.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

~Menu Planning~

Have you all been planning your menu? This is what our menu looks like this week. My hubby went through the pantry and decided upon this dinner menu.

Saturday: Grilled pork chops, baked potatoes, broccoli w/ rice
Sunday: Roast, carrots, potatoes, salad & crescent rolls
Monday: Hamburgers-grilled & baked fries
Tuesday: Enchiladas (chicken & beef) w/ rice & pinto beans
Wednesday: Grilled ham, turkey & cheese sandwiches w/ soup
Thursday: Spaghetti, veggies & rolls
Friday: Baked Chicken & Broccoli

*The great thing is that my hubby will eat the pork chops, roast & enchiladas as leftovers for 3 days worth of lunches. He likes having a variety and not eating sandwiches everyday. The other coaches usually want to help him eat his lunch ;)

This is not the most exciting menu, but it works for us this week.

~Kroger Today!~

As I stated earlier, I'm trying to only buy a few things this week and next before vacation. However, I could not pass up this Reach Toothbrush deal!

Hillshire Farms Turkey
Reg. $2.79
Sale $2.39
-.35 q (tripled to $1.05)

16 Reach Toothbrushes (B1 Get1 packages)
Reg. $1.99
Sale .99
-$3/3 q
-#3/3 q
=16 FREE Tooth brushes!!!

Retail: $34.63
Spent: $1.34
Saved: $33.29
*That is a savings of 96%!

Monday, June 1, 2009

~Free tokens @ Chuck E. Cheese!~

Bring in your child's most recent report card to Chuck E. Cheese. They'll receive FREE tokens for good grades. Up to 15 free tokens with a food purchase. All grading systems accepted.

*Thanks Maryann @ Penny Pile

~Free Movie Monday!~

Redbox will be releasing free movie codes the first Monday of each month. Today's code is FM63H7. Expires at midnight.