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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

~Check Your Receipts~

The saga continues with Tom Thumb! I've mentioned numerous times before to be careful and watch your receipt when shopping at Tom Thumb. I've done at least 25-30 transactions and NONE OF THEM HAVE BEEN CORRECT! Isn't that sad? Either the sale price didn't ring up correctly or some of my coupons were not taken off. Every time I end up at the service desk getting my money back. Extra time spent and very inconvenient.

A couple of weeks ago, they had a few things that I wanted and we happened to be driving by so we stopped. The "buy 5 get $5 off instantly" only took $2.80 off. As a consumer we shouldn't have to eagle eye every transaction, but boy do I at this store.

My point here is to really watch and make sure the sale items are ringing up the correct price. Don't assume that you did something wrong. More than likely it is an error on their end.

Yes, I will occasionally still shop there. I do believe they have a great meat department and a very nice meat department staff. I just wanted to give you a warning to make sure and check your receipt! Remember, you are not getting a good deal if something rings up the wrong price or if your coupon is never deducted.

As always, be kind. It is a computer error, not the cashier.


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