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Friday, September 9, 2011

~3 Principles We Live By~

Hello Sassy Savers!

Hope everyone is having a great Friday! Boy, has this been a crazy busy week. All of my freezer cooking meals paid off big time this week. I didn't spend more than 20 minutes on any meal and we ate at home. I've found that if I have something that I can whip up in around 20-30 minutes, we will eat at home. After all, it takes about that long to go get takeout. Plus, you have to spend your precious money on fuel. No fun! Anytime we eat at home my hunky hubs calls it a "prepaid meal". In our house those meals are wonderful! Especially, since we are saving for Disney World!!!

Part of the reason that I started this blog was to encourage people. I'm asked all the time how we live off a teacher's salary. People are beyond curious. My answer is that we don't just "live", but we live in the "overflow blessings". Honestly, we live better now than we did with 2 full-time salaries. Part of the reason is that I'm not constantly worrying about money. Now that we live on such a strict budget, I know where the money is going. It is amazing the peace that I have felt since living on a written budget (of course, sticking to it is key).

3 principles we live by:

1) We are good stewards with our money (started using coupons). Started to think and plan ahead before every purchase. We were amazed at what we can talk ourselves out of! (Example: BMW 3 series...yes, it is my dream car...yes, we test drove several of them...yes, we put in offers...THEN we came back to a normal state of mind and decided that we have other goals that come before us driving a pretty BMW. After all, it will be even prettier when we get it AFTER we pay CASH for our home!)

2) We live within a budget. A very detailed budget is key for us! I keep track of where every dollar goes each month on a spreadsheet. That has really kept us on track. We have a game plan every month to make sure that we stay focused and are able to hit our savings goal.

3) Most importantly we HONOR GOD with our TITHE. We believe that God blesses the 90% that we keep and multiplies it. We have seen it in our finances!
Another thing is giving to those in need. I encourage you to pray and see if God is leading you to help someone. I promise, it is the BEST feeling knowing that you are truly helping someone in need. You will be so rewarded.

When we started combining those 3 things we were amazed at how God truly blessed us.
I want to encourage you today that whatever your financial situation is, you can start making changes today. You can get out of debt. You can live in the "overflow blessings". You can leave your children a legacy of financial freedom! Get excited! Change can be a wonderful thing. Change is uncomfortable, but so is living with debt looming over your head. Look forward to the finish line and never lose sight of your goals!

Be Blessed~

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