Couponing My Way To The Islands!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

~My CVS trip~

Cottenelle Wipe
Reg. 3.89
Sale $2
-$2 coupon (from catalina)

Kleenex (3 count box)
Reg. $4.29
sale $3.00
-.50 q
(not the greatest deal, but I needed a $3 purchase to make it to $25 for the $10 ECB)

Scott Paper towels
Reg. $13.99
Sale $10
-$2 q (for paper towels & t.p)

Scott t.p.
Reg. $13.99
Sale $10

-$10 ECB back

*I have another transaction, but it got messed up and I need to go back and get my ECB. I was in a hurry before church and didn't check my receipts until I got home. This is the one time that I didn't check and 3 items rang up the wrong price! Oh well, I'll get it worked out and try to post a pic :)

Tuesday Blessings~

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