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Saturday, January 1, 2011

~2010 Year End Review~

2010 was a good year. For the first time I set some very hefty financial goals for my family. The savings goal was something that I knew we would absolutely have to stay course or it would not be attainable. We stuck to our plan and worked the system. I'm happy to report the system will work, if you are willing to work it!

Were there setbacks? Sure! There were a few things that came up unexpectedly (out-of-state funeral, etc). Luckily, we were able to re-arrange in some other budget categories and it all worked out. So many people face setbacks and then just throw in the towel. I strongly encourage you to look at the big picture, keep your eye on the financial goal, re-arrange some things and keep moving forward. Life happens and sometimes there is no budget category for it!

The best part of 2010 was not hitting my savings goal. Instead it was giving in a way that I've only dreamed of giving to those in need. Giving like it wasn't a sacrifice. Giving because I was doing exactly what God was asking of me. Giving to try to make an impact and make someones life a little easier.

I learned a very valuable lesson....It really is true that giving blesses the giver as much as the receiver. I'm so blessed to have my friends, family and Sassy Savers join me in helping a family this year. I've said it before and I meant every word...I am honored to have people around me that I can count on to pray and offer up money, food & supplies to those in need. Thank you!

To my readers~
Thank you for blessing me with your sweet words this year. Your emails, comments and conversations keep me going. I love sharing what I do with you. I'm just a 1 girl show, so there isn't anything fancy going on here. I'm trying to explain how we operate on a teacher/coach salary and live in the overflow for the first time ever. Attempting to write about how it all works. Turns out, those are the things you want to read after all. So, thank you for tuning in and reading this little blog about a girl who coupons her way to the islands. Yes, we are already planning our 2011 island trip!
2011 is going to be extra special because we will be celebrating our 10 year anniversary!

Happy New Year!

Praying you have a very blessed 2011.
In His Grace~

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