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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

~How to Save Money~Part 3~

*Confession-I do get my hair professionally done. It is worth it to me. Until my husband got out of school (7 years ago), I was coloring (highlighting) my own hair. When I needed it cut, I went to the mall and got a $12 haircut and never had a bad experience.
*My tip here would be to get as close to your natural hair color as possible so that you don't have a great deal of upkeep. I only get my hair done every 12 weeks.
*I cut my husband's hair each month which saves us $180-$200 annually (that is for a cheap haircut even!)

Do It Yourself!
*If you get manicure's & pedicures on a regular basis, cut them out. Unless I have a gift certificate, I do it myself and save lots of money!

Salon/Spa Packages:
Call ahead to see if a salon is offering any package deals. Often (around holidays) you can get some really great deals. Plus, they can be used anytime throughout the year! My husband usually gets me spa packages as gifts (they are my fav). He has learned to call ahead and see what deals are being offered. I was not impressed with the mani/pedi that was part of the package last time, so my husband spoke with the owner to see if she could not include that service with the new package deal and just deduct it from the price. Sure enough, she was glad to offer the other 2 services at the special package price and take off the mani/pedi. Don't be afraid to ask.

Bundle Package Deal:
Some people offer HUGE discounts if you purchase a package of 3 or 5 in advance. I bought a package of 5 massages and saved $75 for buying them all at once, instead of individually. Most massage therapist offer these types of deals. Again, don't be afraid to ask. Often times these deals are not advertised.

Ask about a loyalty card/program:
Some people do these, some don't. Be sure ask either way! Some people offer a punch card that when you complete so many services, you get the next one FREE!

Swap Services:
If you do something or make something to sell, try to swap services for salon services. Believe it or not, this happens often! I have swapped merchandise that I made for haircuts. A friend of mine swapped out a photography session for a cut & color. Maybe you could offer childcare in exchange for a service, swap cleaning a house, running errands, etc. Try to think of something that would be a good value for both of you. Think outside the box and try to find new ways to save money!

Hope you all are enjoying this series!

Wednesday Blessings~

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