Couponing My Way To The Islands!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

~When is enough really enough?~

I get this question regarding stock piling often. My answer is that you should stock up enough so that you will not run out until the next "rock bottom" sale. Usually, that is 6-8 weeks worth of product. The goal is to NEVER pay retail again!

Don't be afraid to sit back and enjoy your stock pile. If you have a nice supply of items, take a break and "live off the stock" as I like to say. If you have a month of extra expenses, this is a great way to stay within your budget.

My point here is to not be a slave to your stock pile. Don't be so concerned with having 250 rolls of toilet paper that you forget that you can stop and simply enjoy having plenty of toilet paper for now. Couponing is not meant to be stressful or a "job". It is meant to save you money and to give you more freedom with your budget to have life experiences, not just pay bills and to be broke.

Hope this blesses someone today and encourages you to relax and start enjoying that stock pile.

Tuesday Blessings~

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