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Monday, March 7, 2011

~February Budget Review~

How did your Feb. budget end up looking??
How did you do?
How much did you save?
Are you sticking to your budget?

My savings was not where I wanted it to be this month. We had to replace a toilet & pay someone to install it. Not fun! Literally, it is like watching money go down the drain...TMI??? Ha!

When we bought this home it needed a new master toilet since the lid was gone. However, no one ever goes back there and it was something that could wait. Well, that was until it started leaking! My hubbs replaced all of the "guts" of the toilet, but it still leaked. So, a new toilet was the answer! The leaking started impacting our water bill ($15-$20 per month). We are now (not so proud) owners of a Kohler water efficient toilet. Okay, enough toilet talk!

My point here is that things come up and sometimes you can't hit your savings goal. It is okay. Don't give up...Don't fall off the wagon...Pick yourself up and get started on saving again!

Monday Blessings~

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