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Monday, March 28, 2011

~My Albertson's Trip!~

We went to Albertson's this weekend mainly for the cereal deal, but then I looked at the ad and found a few other good deals. I do have to put out a warning about Albertson's...WATCH them ring you up. Several items rang up wrong, the BOGO FREE items did not come off, and every coupon was questioned. To say the least, it was annoying! I'm glad I got these deals, but quickly remembered why I don't shop there!

Purex (not in pic)
-$1 q


Grapes .99 per lb

Peter Pan

2 Gorton's Fish (Buy 1 Get 1 FREE sale)
-.50 q (doubled)
-$1 q
=$5.49 for 2 ($2.75 each)

Farmland ham
-.75 q

2 Planter's
=.38 it what I should have paid, however the cashier couldn't fix the mistake of them ringing up for $1.38. Anyway, I ended up getting them FREE due to his mistake. I'm not complaining :)

Items below were part of the "Buy 4 get $4 off Promo":

8 Cheerios
=$1 each
*anytime I get cereal for $1 per box, I stock up*

16 Nature Valley Granola Bars
-.75/2 q
=$1.12 per box

Retail= $117.44
Paid= $42.07

Happy Monday!

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