Couponing My Way To The Islands!

Monday, November 8, 2010

~Set Goals!~

We spent this weekend on a Couples Retreat with some friends from church. We had a blast! It was a time of reflection, fellowship and most of all fun! We climbed up mountains (that was a stretch for this beach girl!). I was a team player and managed to not hurt myself.

We climbed all the way up there! It was so beautiful!

I had previously written about spending money on life experiences, rather than stuff. Spending our money on experiences that bring us closer, make us laugh and that make memories forever is worth every penny. I love traveling and doing new things. This trip came at a perfect time as football season is coming to a close.

Life is super busy for everyone. Most people are overbooked and stressed. This weekend was a great reminder of how important is it to take time out from the daily schedules to relax and enjoy God's beautiful creations. We are able to go on trips like this due to the money that I'm saving my family by using coupons.

If you are just starting couponing, don't be discouraged. Couponing can be overwhelming at first. Honestly, it can be overwhelming after you have been doing it a while if you don't have a system in place. Stick with it! It is worth all of the effort put into it. I have been feeling overwhelmed the past month or so. This trip was a wonderful reward and reminder of why I love saving money!

Your family will be blessed by you saving so much money. Go ahead, start dreaming of where you want to go once you reach your savings goal. I believe that setting goals and having dreams are an important part of achieving success. Dream it, believe it and make it happen!

Happy Monday!

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