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Monday, November 29, 2010

~Cyber Monday!~

Good Monday morning! Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend. Did you hit some of the Black Friday sales? For the first time in years I did not get out at the crack of dawn. Instead I tried to get the deals online and FAILED :( The items I wanted sold out instantly (apparently). Oh well. My attitude was that if it was meant to be, than I would get them. Shockingly we went to Target that evening and found one of the items we were wanting for our daughter. It had just been returned...Score!

We also celebrated my hunky hubs birthday yesterday. You have to love a man who offered to get out and try to get the items on my Black Friday list ALONE at 3 am! He went alone when our daughter was only a few months old and even did my mother's shopping for her! I know, I know I've hit the jackpot for a husband :) Thank you Jesus!

Today is Cyber Monday. I'm going to be posting a few deals as I see them today.

Happy Monday!

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