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Monday, November 1, 2010

~53 Days Until CHRISTmas!~

53 Days until CHRISTmas!

How is your budget looking?
Finding any great deals?

We are going to be doing CHRISTmas differently at our house this year. We are going to be having a Happy Birthday Jesus party! Our legacy will be getting 3 gifts and then a stocking. This will be a great celebration of the true meaning of CHRISTmas. We are so excited!

Why only 3 gifts?

The Bible says that three wise men travelled from afar on camels to visit the infant Jesus as he lay in the manger. They brought him 3 gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.

Will our daughter get more than 3 gifts?
Yes, but not from us. She will still get gifts from family members, etc. Don't worry...this is a very blessed little girl :)

I've heard parents say "My child would be so mad if they only got 3 gifts for Christmas!"
*My response is that if 3 gifts were good enough for Jesus, shouldn't that be good enough for us? Let's get back to the true meaning of the season.

Why do we always think that quantity is better than quality? I told my cute hubs that I am excited that we will be giving thoughtful gifts that will be special because we will be giving something that is desired, not just filler gifts to open.
Our Pastor & his wife have done this with their 4 children and it has been awesome! They did not feel like there wasn't enough "stuff". They truly celebrated the meaning of CHRISTmas. Most of my friends are going to do the 3 gifts this CHRISTmas with their families too. We all think it is going to be awesome!

My legacy is already wanting to know what kind of icing will be on the Happy Birthday Jesus cake! Love that!

Monday Blessings~

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Liz said...

We are doing this with our kids too! I'm so excited bc it will help them appreciate what they get more and besides their birthdays are so close to christmas anyways! I have already gotten one of Gavin's and on sale of course! hee hee now I'm waiting for the other two for coupons and a sale! lol Thanks for always encouraging everyone with your helpful hints!