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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

~A Season of Giving~

This Christmas season will not be about traditional gifts for my family. Instead it will be about the gift of time. Time is something that we haven't had this fall. My husband is a football coach and has worked more this fall than any other year of his 10 year coaching career. With that being said, we have missed him dearly!

Time is something that is FREE, yet can be the most precious and memorable gift to give or receive. So many times I would love to get together with a friend to catch up, but I simply don't have time. Can you relate? My solution is to wrap up a certificate of time for your friend as a Christmas gift. That way you don't spend any money, but give the best gift!

I love the idea of customizing your own gift certificates. This is something that can be really fun to do for your spouse. Plus, you can make it very inexpensive. Give experiences, rather than expensive gifts.

There is no reason to not give your spouse, family or friends a gift this season. Make them feel special and loved without breaking the bank.

Have fun creating those certificates!


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