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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

~Life Without a Cell Phone or Facebook!~

My life without a cell phone or facebook account.

Often (every time someone realizes I don't have either) people will GASP and then ask "HOW DO YOU LIVE WITHOUT A CELL PHONE OR FACEBOOK account?!"

My answer is "BEAUTIFULLY"! I have a really great life that is not full of craziness or the overwhelming feeling of having to be in everyone's business 24/7. It is great! When someone tells me something face to face I have a genuine reaction since I have not read it before. I feel really important if I get an email or call before they post on facebook ;)

Life without a cell phone did a take a little adjusting to, but not too long. Honestly, cell phones are sort of a peeve of mine now. I get very annoyed at people who talk on them while driving, text while driving (my hubs was in a wreck recently due to a girl texting while driving...grrrrr) and the most annoying is when people talk on the phone when checking out. Let me just say that if you are using coupons, that is NOT the way to gain favor from a checker! Okay, enough about that!

My point is that you can live without a cell phone. It is such an easy thing to cut out of your budget. Most people pay $80+ per month for service. Imagine if you put that money into your debt snowball??? Or what if you saved $80 per month for 1 year and went on a vacation? You would have saved $960.00 in 12 months for a very small sacrifice. You can do it!

A quick note about why we are not involved with social networking sites...Simple...I don't have time and am not willing to make the time. Nothing against those who do, it is just not for us. I'm doing my best to limit all media in our lives. I'm so much more productive and less stressed when it is limited. I will also add that every person that I speak with about struggling with time to clip coupons has a facebook account. Most people don't even realize how much valuable time is spent (wasted) each day on social networking sites when they could be finding ways to better budget their time & money. I want encourage you to limit your time on those sites and use that time to better your financial future.

Anytime I think I want to add something into the budget, I think about all of the traveling that we like to do and how much that will impact our ability to continue going on trips and vacations each year. It just isn't worth it for us.

Now that I have SHOCKED all my Sassy Savers, I'm going to log off :)

Happy Tuesday!

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matt & pj said...

I love this post. I had a facebook account for a brief time, but I was mostly flabbergasted at the things people wrote. It was almost embarrassing at times and I didn't even write anything on it. My husband and I haven't had a tv in 11 years of marriage. It has been bliss. We have so much more time together...I do have a cell phone. But anyway, thanks for the post!