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Monday, February 21, 2011

~How to Save Money~Part 6

How to save money in 2011: Insurance & Prescriptions

Medical Insurance:
*We raised our medical deductible (kept same coverage) on our daughter and that lowered our monthly payment over $80!

Life Insurance:
*My hubs lost some weight and we were able to change his life insurance over to a "premium" category. Simply by losing 10 lbs, he is in a better category and will save us $90 annually!
*We went through a life insurance broker (some of you have asked).

Home & Auto Insurance:
*Check on your premiums annually to see if there is a better deal out there. We use a broker that represents multiple companies. It is nice to make only 1 call and get several quotes. He gives us the best 3 out of his search. By using a broker we have saved hundreds of dollars!

*We switched all of our prescription meds over to the Kroger generic $4 list after our insurance deductible went sky high. This took me calling the pharmacy to see what generic would be comparable to what I was taking already (if it didn't have a generic). Then I called my Dr. office and explained that I wanted to switch and why. I had recently been into the Dr., so they didn't need me to come in. Even if I did have to have an office visit of $25-$35 co-pay, it would have been worth it. They were very nice and sent over the new prescription without any problems. This saves us hundreds annually!
*There were 2 antibiotics that were not available on the Kroger list and that cost us about $50 each. I just wanted to add that so you didn't get frustrated if everything you need is not on the list.

I hope this helps someone today. I have LOVED hearing back from some of you on how much this series is helping and that you are learning something new. That blesses me!

Happy Monday Sassy Savers!

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