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Monday, February 28, 2011

~How Works~

Several people have asked me how works recently, so I thought I would do a post to try to explain it.

How does it work?
Super easy! You put in your zip code and it will list the restaurants available in that zip code. Select the certificate you wish to purchase and then enter the promo code at checkout. You will pay on the site and then print the certificate yourself. This is really great because you can print it and then go and use it a few minutes later!
Also, if you are taking a vacation this summer be sure to check out the gift certificates offered in that zip code!

At the restaurant...
Tell the waiter that you have a gift certificate so they know and don't have to re-do your ticket at the end.

Read the restrictions...
Example: Usually, you have to spend $35 in order to use a $25 gift certificate. However, some restaurants have a higher amount. It is clearly stated on the site. Just wanted to remind you.

Honestly, we LOVE these certificates at our house. We go to a local Mexican restaurant once a month and use a certificate (usually you can only use 1 per month at the same restaurant). We end up getting $35 worth of food for around $16 with tip and everything. It is really a great deal!

Hope this helps clear up how this works. I only put deals that I have done or would be willing to do on this site. I don't believe there is any reason to list every deal known to man if I wouldn't even try it myself. Please let me know if you need anymore assistance with this and hopefully I can help.

Ready to give it a try? Today is the final day for the 80% off. Be sure to use code DINE at checkout to get $25 certificates for only $2!

Be blessed~

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