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Monday, August 22, 2011

~Tax Free Savings!~

Good Monday Sassy Savers!

If you are a Texan, I hope you took advantage of the tax free weekend. We purchased my husband's dress shoes and ended up saving about $30. When checking out we asked if they had any coupons, which saved us 20% just by asking! My point here is don't be afraid to ask. The worst thing that could happen is they could say no. Typically if you ask, they are happy to save you money.

Sunday I ran into Kohl's to use the $10 mailer they sent. Those things are AWESOME! No minimum purchase was required, so it was like getting $10 FREE! Of course, my goal was to make the most of it and not have to pay anything out. This is what I got:

Wristlet wallet
Reg. $39
80% off $7.80

Reg. $20
90% off $2.00

Total= $0.00
Saved= $59

Yeah! The best part is that I really like both of these items. Of course, I HEART FREE!!!


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