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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

~JBF is 1 Month Away!~

Here is a JBF tip that I believe to be crucial:

Prep clothing!

Iron clothes that are full of wrinkles and make sure everything smells good and is ready to wear. After all, this is NOT a garage sale! People expect high quality, nice looking clothing when they shop at a JBF sale. I had some maternity clothing that was very wrinkled and not looking so good. I took the time to wash and iron them to get them ready and they all sold on the first day. I know if I had tried to just sale them, people would have most likely passed them by.

Remember, the Dallas JBF sale is just around the corner. Start getting your items ready now. I've already tagged over 200 items! I'm so excited to get it finished early this year! However, I keep finding stuff to include ;)

For more information on the Dallas JBF Sale on September 8-11, 2011 go HERE



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