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Monday, August 1, 2011

~My Kroger Trip~

Well, summer is officially over at my house. Being married to a football coach makes for a short summer. I can't complain because we had a really awesome summer and made some special memories. It just flew by! We were only home one full week this summer, so my shopping was a bit sporadic to say the least. Now that we are home I decided to jump back in and get to shopping! I went to a few stores, so more posts to come :)

2 milk
*see below for details

4 Cherrios cereal
Reg. $3.07
sale $2.79*
*part of the buy 4 at $2.79 get 2 FREE milk deal
-.50 q (doubled)
=$1.79 per box

Reg. $1.99
sale $1

broccoli crowns $1.79

2 strawberries
reg. $2.08
sale $1.77

1 Dole salad
1 Dole spinach
reg. $3.29
BOGO sale = FREE!

Cake mix
reg. $1.99
sale $1
-.40 q (doubled)

5 lunch meat
Reg. 2.99
sale $2
=$1.45 each

Kroger block cheese
reg. $2.49
sale $1.99

Reg. $1.09
sale .15

5 Crest toothpaste
Reg. $2.34
sale $1
-$1 q

2 Carefree
Reg. $1.09
sale $1
-.50q (doubled)

3 Safeguard soaps
Reg. $1.45
Sale $1
-.50 q (doubled)

The buy 4 get 2 milks for FREE deal!

All of the FREE items!

Ran back into Kroger before church yesterday to see if they had restocked the sale soaps. Sure enough they had! I was able to get $6.62 worth of soaps and for $0.00! My favorite total!!!

More shopping trips to come...

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