Couponing My Way To The Islands!

Monday, April 16, 2012

~Saving Money Without Coupons!~

I get so many questions as to how I "coupon". People want to know exactly how I'm doing it since all the coupon policies changed at my favorite store. Well, the answer is that I'm not very much! I use coupons when there is a sale and something I'm buying has a coupon. I always try to use coupons for toiletry items. If there is not a coupon, I try to only buy items at their rock bottom prices.

Plus, I've been trying an Aldi experiment over the past couple of months. They have such great everyday deals! We've been trying to not eat much processed foods, so getting deals on fruits, veggies & fish is a big deal.

We went to Aldi this weekend. Listed below are a few of the deals. No coupons, just everyday low prices.

Veggie Chips-$1.69
Tilapia (bag)-$4.49
Sweet Potato Chips-$1.99
Wild Caught Salmon (bag)-$4.49
Fiber cereal-$1.29
Apples (3 lb bag)- $2.47
Granola/Oat bars (box)-$1.49
Bananas-.42 per lb
Oranges (3 lb bag)-$1.29

As you can see, those are some great prices on quality foods. Anyone can walk in there and get these prices. Sadly, there is not an Aldi close to our house. When we go, we try buy enough for 2 weeks. So far we have liked all of their brands. We were shocked at how good the chips were! Literally, the veggie chips are better than any other that we've tried. Very exciting to get them for a fraction of the price!

Happy Monday!


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Tiff said...

Don't forget about price matching! I take my Aldi ad (they just started adding it to my ads I get on Tuesday) to Walmart and get the same price on the produce. For as often as out family goes through fruit, it's better than driving to Aldi. I might make the trip once a month for the fish and chips though, those are great deals!