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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Howdy Sassy Savers!

How is your week going? Mine has been busy, yet again. My daughter has a Science Fair this week, plus JBF Plano and fundraising for our NY Mission Trip. All that combined will wear a sister out! Sadly, when I get super busy and tired I can't sleep. Such a bummer! Oh well, there will be time to sleep later in life (I'm told). Ha!

Aside from the craziness of life, I've been setting some hefty personal goals. I'm always inspired by other people, so I thought I would share in hopes of inspiring you today. The goal is to get rid of at least 10 items from your house per day. You can trash them, donate them or sell them. Believe it or not, this is very easy to do!

I've found that if my house is not organized, neither is my life! Don't feel like I've ever really gotten ahold of the clutter. Seriously. This is a revolving resolution and a revolving FAILURE. Do you know how annoying it is to set the same goal every single year? Well, I'm guessing the answer to that was YES!
My point here is that I decided to break it down into to small tiny chunks each day. Can I just say this approach is working for me?!

Here is a list of things I've tackled:
*Sewing Room
This was a huge undertaking! I have too much stuff and not enough room. At least it looks better now and I can actually leave the door open.

This room never looked too bad, but the papers on the desk were a bit out of control! I had to get rid of several things and make a bookshelf more functional than fun. The results are great! I'm amazed at how happy a clean and organized work space makes us!

This is always a work in progress! I've reorganized my pantry, utensil drawer and counter top space (you know that corner that collects junk mail?). This is a daily struggle to stay on top of it. Hanging in there ;)

*Master bedroom
Cleared out some stuff and tackled the closet. Whew! The master closet might just be my favorite part of this house due to the size. I color coded it and that made a HUGE difference! So much better. Honestly, I feel like I have new clothes now. I encourage everyone to do this! Clothing looks different and more appealing when it is organized.

*Guest Bedroom
Removed 2 pieces of furniture so that it didn't appear any smaller. Liking the look of a larger room now for our guests.

*Play Room
This is still not cleared out, but has made some progress. We got rid of a couple of items and that has given my daughter more room to play. It is very hard to get rid of anything as she is sentimental about EVERYTHING (like her momma).

Spent hours organizing a section of this. I'm happy with the progress, but am a long way away from where I would like it. Baby steps.

Why have I done all of this? I'm attempting to be set free from a life of stuff! I'm so tired of meaningless stuff cluttering my life. Do you feel this way? I want to live with simplicity in my home, not chaos.

It is sort of a funny feeling that I have in the pit of my stomach. I believe God is gently preparing me for what is to come. We know that our lives will be forever changed by this mission trip. The idea of it all is just so exciting!

I'm now ending this long post.

Happy Wednesday!


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