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Friday, January 6, 2012

~January Spending FREEZE!~

Spending freeze in January!

Sorry, I meant to mention this to you all earlier this week. (No sugar or caffeine has made me NOT on my "A game" this week.) My household is on a "spending freeze" for the month of January.

What does "spending freeze" mean?
We don't spend any money on anything other than groceries & gas (aside from regular bills). This cuts out small purchases that add up, meaningless shopping, eating out, etc.

Starting a new year off by saving a chunk of money dramatically increases your ability to keep the momentum going throughout the year. I try to always make January one of my big savings months.

Is it too late to start?
Absolutely not! Start today!

Can't wait to hear how you all do. It is a new year and this is the time to make some changes in your financial forecast. You can do it!

Friday Blessings~

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