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Monday, January 23, 2012

~Disney Tip-Food & Beverage!~

Did you know that you can bring your own food & beverages into all the Disney parks? This is wonderful! Truly wonderful! The waters were $2.50 each and the snacks & meals were expensive. We only ate dinner at the park once and were not impressed with it. I was very glad we didn't waste any additional money on food that wasn't that tasty!

We took a soft-sided cooler (it folded up well in our luggage) and packed our sodas & water in the bottom with the ice first. We pre-made our sandwiches at the hotel and then also packed all our snacks (crackers, granola bars, etc). We ate lunch everyday from our cooler. We never had to buy a drink at any park either. They have water fountains where you can refill the water bottles. The water isn't great, however it was FREE!

We saved HUNDREDS by bringing our own lunch, snacks, fruit & drinks into the parks.
The thing that truly amazed us was that we were there for 1 week and only saw about 4 other families bring their own food, snacks or drinks into the parks. We were there at a busy time with THOUSANDS of families and they were all just shelling out money for things that would have been so easy to put in a backpack or stroller and bring with them.

What about a dining plan?
For us, it was much cheaper to do it this way. We could have added a meal plan to our resort package, but I'm so glad we didn't!

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