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Monday, January 16, 2012

~Disney Tip- Fly vs. Drive?~

This tip may shock some of you...Consider Flying! If you have 2 or less children, it is likely that you will spend more on gas, hotels (on the way) and food just getting there rather than flying. There are usually some good airfare deals to Orlando from Dallas. Don't forget the time you would spend driving. For the same price or possibly cheaper, flying is the way to go. You are not tired from traveling when you arrive. Plus, it is super convenient to not have a car in Orlando.

WHAT? Did I just say it is "super convenient to not have a car in Orlando"?
Yes! It seems like everywhere we went, they charged for parking. Our resort (inside the Downtown Disney area) charged $8 per day for parking. The Disney parks charge $14 per day to park. For a family that stays 6 days it would cost $132 just in parking!

If you stay at a resort inside Disney and use their bus transportation to and from the parks it is FREE! Plus, they drop you off at a convenient location near the entrance. I highly recommend this! It is worth paying a little more for a resort inside the Disney area to be able to use the Disney buses (they run every 30 minutes).

How did we get from the airport to the resort?
Our particular resort did not offer transportation to & from the airport. However, some Disney resorts have a bus for airport transportation. This actually worked out to our favor anyway. I called around to a few shuttle companies to find the best deal. We ended up getting a town car service that provided a booster seat (free of charge) and also one stop off at Publix for a 20 minute grocery run. This was perfect for us so that we could get our food for the week on the way to the resort!

There are many things to consider if you are contemplating flying v. driving. Parking fees, wear & tear on your vehicle, gas, hotel, food & snacks, etc. Last year I had one friend with 2 children (family of 4) that flew and got a great price for airfare (around $200 per person). I also had a friend who drove with her family of 4. The friend who drove ended up spending more than the friend who flew! Plus, the friend who flew had more "vacation time" to spend in Florida.

Please remember that this is all based off being located in Dallas.

More Disney tips to come...

Happy Monday!

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