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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

~Disney Tip-How will you roll?~

Here is another money saving Disney tip:

Bring your own stroller! The stroller rental prices were $15 for a single & $31 for a double per day at each park. If you have 2 children and were at the parks for 6 days that would be $186 just in stroller rental fees!

Do you really need a stroller?
YES! Unless you have an older child, I would HIGHLY recommend you using a stroller (even if you typically don't). I don't know any child under 6 that can walk for 12 hours and not get severely cranky. It was nice for my daughter to be able to stroll in between rides. Plus, it was really nice to be able to store our stuff in the stroller.

What if you fly?
You can check your stroller at the gate and it doesn't count as a carry-on. We didn't check any luggage for our trip and simply carried the stroller to the gate. They will stow it under the plane for you for FREE :)

More Disney tips to come....

Wednesday Blessings~

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