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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

~Menu Wednesday + Meal Prices!~

Summer is almost here! Well, it already feels like it is here outside. We enjoyed a nice & relaxing Memorial Day weekend. I got together with my cute Coach and planned our menu. It is so nice when he helps with the menu. I know he is going to be excited about what I'm making each night! The goal this week is to not go to the grocery store at all and to not eat out until Saturday.

I'm going to show you how much (roughly) each meal cost to make. This will make you rethink eating out when you see just how inexpensive eating at home can be!

Chicken, baked potatoes, fresh green beans & yeast rolls = Less than $3
Grilled burgers, grilled corn on the cob (.75) & beans (.49)= Less than $3
Chicken, noodles & broccoli = Less than $2
Baked Ziti, spinach salad & yeast rolls = Less than $3
Nachos (used leftover chicken & fajita meat)= Less than $2

As you can see, we will be eating a variety of food and never spent more than $3 per meal for a family of 3. We even had several leftovers! The baked ziti makes enough for 2 full meals for us.
Do you ever figure out how much each meal costs to make? Try it, you will be inspired to cook more often...I promise!

Wednesday Blessings~

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