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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

~Cheaper to pay now than to pay later!~

This has been an expensive year for us. We've had to replace or repair a few items that we were not intending (sprinkler system twice so far, tires, etc.). We also have a list of items that appear to be on their last leg (washing machine, grill, etc). It is the little things that add up!
A couple of weeks ago, my cute Coach pulled in and said that a big truck threw a rock and it cracked his windshield. In my past life, I would have just said "oh well" and not thought about it until it completely split and I would have to replace the entire windshield (true story). The frugal (smarter) me said "call a windshield guy right now before it gets worse". Luckily, he was able to come out and fix it 2 days later for $45. Granted it was $45 we had not intended on spending, however $45 is so much cheaper than a new windshield!
Some times it is cheaper to pay now, than to pay later!

Tuesday Blessings~

*The pic above is of mini-me & my hunky hubs on Father's Day. Mini-me made that adorable tool belt card while we were in Mexico. It included a McDonald's gift card because that is where she told her Memaw that she wanted to take her Daddy for Father's Day. So, we went to McDonald's and she felt like such a big girl paying all on her own. It was sweet!

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