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Thursday, October 14, 2010

~Crock Pot Cooking Day!~

Continuing with the cooking series, today I'm writing about Crock pot cooking!

I love my crock pots! They get used mainly to cook chicken. They are great to use when it is hot outside too (as they don't make the house hot). I love the convenience of starting something and not having to worry about it until it is time to eat :)
Today I'm going to show you my crock pot chicken day. I do this every couple of weeks. After I shred the chicken we will eat some of it that night in a recipe. The rest will be separated and then frozen for later. (Remember to always shred the chicken as it will go so much further!) This way I'm not having to cook chicken very often. I just grab a bag out of the freezer, let it thaw & put it in a recipe. Makes cooking so much faster!

*Start w/ a family pack of chicken.

*These are the marinades I was using on this particular day. I always sprinkle the garlic & onion mix before the Lawry's.

*Be generous with the marinades & then add water. Dry chicken is no fun!

*I usually have 2 crock pots going with different marinades. Since I'm making a large family pack, it is nice to mix up the flavors.

After it is finished, I seperate the chicken into the portions that I will need for my future meals and then put it in freezer bags. It is so nice to grab a freezer bag of chicken and have the correct serving portion for my family already cooked. Just thaw and warm up! Super easy and fast!

Hope this helps and inspires you to get ahead on your cooking. It is easy to plan meals when the meat is already finished & ready to put in a recipe.


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