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Thursday, October 21, 2010

~76 & Working Full-time~

My mom was telling me about a lady that she does business with that is 76 and still works full-time. She gets $1000 Social Security and says that she can't make it on that. She works to get by and pay her rent & bills.

My first question to my mom was "What went wrong?! How did this happen?" It really depressed me to think that in the near future we are going to be seeing a great deal more of the elderly out working full-time simply out of necessity.

Don't let this be you. Get control over your finances NOW! Sometimes our society thinks that if everyone else is in the same boat, it won't seem so bad. WRONG! I promise that if you are still working full-time at age 76 and barely scraping by, it will seem BAD!

I sure don't want to be in that same position, do you? Therefore, I'm taking drastic measures now (while I'm still young) to get my finances in order and vowing to live a life without debt. What better gift could you give your children than to live out a Godly financial model for them? Teach them that debt is bad & cash really is the way to go. To instill Godly financial principals in them based off of how you live & your success.

My Sassy friends, if you think this will be you...Make drastic changes now!
If you can't ever get ahead...Make drastic changes now!
If you are living off of credit cards...Make drastic changes now!
If you are living paycheck to paycheck...Make drastic changes now!
If you don't save money out of every check...Make drastic changes now!
If you have no plans for retirement...Make drastic changes now!
If you plan to pay on your home for the next 30 years...Make drastic changes now!
If you have no idea how much debt you are in...Make drastic changes now!
If you do not live & breathe on a written budget...Make drastic changes now!
If you have no financial goals...Make some!

Today is never too late to start planning your future. Stop making excuses and start making sacrifices for a better future. You can do it! I listen daily to the Dave Ramsey radio show and hear how people are paying off crazy amounts of debt simply by following a budget and sticking to it. I hope this makes you think as it has me about how important planning for retirement now really is.

In His Grace~

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