Couponing My Way To The Islands!

Monday, October 18, 2010

~Coupon Comedy~

This is the Queen of Sassy Savings husband...guess he would be the King of Sassy Savings?! Not sure he would go for that. Ha! So, we'll just call him Coach :)

I had enlisted his help after church yesterday in the self checkout lane at Tom Thumb. Bless his heart, not 1 of his coupons would scan and the associate had to come over at least 4 times to help. Not his fault, the coupons just would not go through unless manually entered. Anyway, it was a bit frustrating as we had to do so many transactions.

Once we got out into the parking lot, this was the conversation with my favorite Coach:

"What just happened in there?"~said cute Coach

"I can read any offense in seconds...I can break down any defense no matter what is thrown at me, but I've got to be honest...this coupon thing really throws me! I guess what I'm saying is that Babe, you many have a future being an Offensive or Defensive Coordinator!" ~said cute Coach

"Ha, ha, ha, ha!"~ me cracking up!

Needless to say, my favorite Offensive Coordinator ( UNDEFEATED this season) has yet another new appreciation for how I'm able to save our family so much money.


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Traci said...

SOOO Funny! It reminds me of my husband. He says I "spave" (spend to save) & he doesn't get it!