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Monday, October 3, 2011

~Hormone Free Chicken Sale!~

As you all know, I like to purchase my meats in bulk. So, I made a special trip to Brookshire's (a grocery store that I rarely shop) since they had hormone free chicken for $1 per lb. My bulk price point for hormone free chicken is right around $1, so this was great! The best part is that it is skinless! Woohoo! If you have spent anytime in the kitchen cutting off skin, you know why I'm so excited.

When were got there they were out. No big deal, hunky hubs asked if they had any in back and they did. When they brought them out, the sticker said $1.29 per lb instead of $1.00. Doesn't sound like a big difference, right? WRONG!

We asked the meat department guy about it and he said it should ring up at the correct price. Well it didn't. Luckily, I told the cashier about the problem before he started scanning. It ended up being an $11 difference that we saved by catching the error on the sticker.

Assume nothing and always check to make sure you are getting the advertised sale price (regardless of where you shop). It is smart shopping. Of course, be kind and they will be kind to you. Most of the time, they will have favor upon you! The best part of the story is that we ended up getting over 3 lbs of chicken for FREE from the store manager because he didn't want to have to figure it all out, so he estimated in our favor.
We all know by now...I HEART FREE!

Happy Monday!


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