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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

~A Fun & Frugal Idea!~

Looking for something fun to do that doesn't cost much money for your family? I know, who isn't?!
Go CAMPING! My hubs & little girl have camped out in our backyard several times and had a BLAST! She was sad when the tent had to be taken down. I can only imagine the fun if we were at an actual camp ground!

The pro's to camping:

Cheap! Actually, it FREE if you do it in your own yard :)
Bring your own snacks!
Make your own meals!
Spend quality time "unplugged"!

If you are wanting to have a vacation, but need it to be a "staycation" due to your budget, consider camping. The kiddos will love it and you will save money! Everyone wins!

Happy Tuesday!

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