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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

~Menu Wednesday!~

Menu Wednesday...well, I wish I could say that I had a menu and was able to "cook". However, we had a very scary event at our home on Friday. The oven caught on fire! Literally, a few years were taken off my life that day. It was a very scary event! Luckily, the Lord kept us all safe and secure. We serve such an AWESOME God!
The company is coming out to assess the damage today. We're praying that they just replace the unit. That would bring me great peace.

Due to not being able to use the oven or stove top (due to fire) or the grill (due to the rain), we have been using the microwave for burritos and such. Here is what I've pieced together with my few resources:

Crockpot chili
Crockpot chicken w/ broccoli steamers
Bean & cheese Burritos
Spinach salad topped w/ chicken (leftover) & kidney beans

Hope you are having a very blessed week!

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