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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

~Discounted Fuel~

Kroger Fuel
I'm sure most of you have seen all of the signs about Kroger & Shell joining forces to offer discounted gas with Kroger fuel credits. It is actually a good deal! You have to get 100 fuel credits at Kroger (see bottom of your receipt) and then you will get .10 off per gallon on 1 fill up. You can earn these throughout the month. Shell gasoline is normally a few cents more than Wal-mart, but after the .10 discount you are still getting it a few cents cheaper per gallon.

Tom Thumb Fuel
Tom Thumb offers a little different deal on their discounted fuel. It is actually a better deal, BUT you must spend $50 in 1 transaction to get .20 per gallon on 1 fill up. If I'm planning on buying meat or something else that is on sale in bulk, I carefully shop their circular and plan a trip out so that I can spend $50 in order to get the fuel credit.

In order to get the most savings, you would want to fill up an empty tank as both deals are only good 1 time until you earn more credits. It is now taking $80 to fill up my car, so every bit helps. They are projecting gas prices to be at $5 by Memorial Day. Wish I had a hybrid about now ;)


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