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Monday, June 18, 2012

~Budget Tip-Eat a Sandwich!~

Good Morning Sassy Savers!

This week I'll be posting more simple budget tips. If you have any tips you would like to share, please leave me a comment. Enjoy!

Budget Tip:

Eat one sandwich meal per week. I know, not very exciting...Sorry...Not very exciting at all, but it will save your family money just by doing this once per week. Calculate how much a typical meal costs to make or eat out (I realize some of you don't cook) and put that money aside or apply it towards savings or paying down debt.

*Mix it up by grilling the sandwiches. It makes it feel more like a meal to me :)

Sounds simple, right? These budget tips are meant to be simple & easy solutions so that you will do them and start reaping the rewards of living within a budget.

Happy Monday!


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