Couponing My Way To The Islands!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Good Monday Sassy Savers!

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Do you ever feel unlucky when you are trying to save money or even couponing? You have a master plan and then get to the store to find that the hoarders among us have already cleared the shelves. Boy, that is annoying!

Anyway, there is hope! Yesterday we ran by Kroger after church, which typically is not my favorite time to go, and found an awesome deal on pork chops! I was on the cereal aisle, yes I remember exactly where I was! A man came over the intercom and said "while supplies last...pork chops .99 per lb!" Woohoo! Let me just say that I ran to the pork chops and waited for them to bring them out. It was very exciting! I was able to get 3 family packs of chops for less than $3.50 each!

That deal totally made my trip! It is always fun to get a great deal on something unexpected. That makes up for the times when it doesn't always go as planned.

My point here is to not beat yourself up over deals that don't work out. Instead, just know that there may be an even better deal just around the corner!

Monday Blessings~

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