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Thursday, March 15, 2012

~Save Money On Your Pet!~

Let me start by saying that I am NOT a doctor or a vet. Period. However, I do know how to save money ;)

We saved over $100 yesterday just by simply doing a couple of things:

1) First we looked up an issue my dog, Gracie Faith, was having on her ear. Once we figure out that we couldn't figure it out, we went onto step #2.

2) Call the vet and ask questions! Most people just make an appointment without asking questions. My husband called 2 different vet offices to ask their office visit prices. The second (more expensive) office asked if we lived in the country. My husband said "yes" and then she asked if we were having a fly problem? The crazy thing is that we had noticed a huge fly problem right around the time this happened. We thought it may have something to do with the horses behind us. Anyway, she diagnosed it over the phone! FREE OF CHARGE!

3) Treat it yourself! This was such an easy fix for us. We clean the area with antibacterial soap, put antibiotic cream on it and then cover it with petroleum jelly everyday until it is gone. All supplies we already had on hand.

I'm fully aware that all issues are not this easily fixed. Just be mindful that you can usually get a good idea of what is wrong before you go to the doctor. If you can't treat it at home, by all means seek professional help. However, sometimes it really is an easy & cheap fix!

Happy Thursday!


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