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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

~How We Saved For Disney World!~

Today I'm finishing up the Disney World series! Many of you have asked exactly how I saved that chunk of money in just a few months. Here are a few ways that we got creative:

*JBF Sales-I am a faithful JBF consignor. In attempt to maximize my earnings, I consigned at the JBF Dallas ( and JBF Plano ( in the fall. I recommend not only consigning your items, but also shopping the JBF sales. They have some pretty AMAZING deals!

*Ebay-sold several hundred dollars worth of clothing & shoes on Ebay!

*Cashback Bonus-we applied the Cashback Bonus from our Discover Card to the fund! I do not advise you to go out and start using a credit card. As I've explained here before, we have NEVER not paid it off at the end of the month. We are the very tiny percentage of people who actually do that.

*Family Members-we told family members our plan and asked if they would want to contribute $$ rather than only giving gifts for Christmas. My daughter had a birthday and put that money into the fund also.

*Garage Sales-we hosted 1 garage sale and then hauled our stuff to another neighborhood garage sale. Typically, I make at least $100 at every garage sale.

*Consignment Store-Sold clothing & shoes to a consignment store that pays you up front.

*Bank-we had an old bank account with a few hundred in it and we closed it out and applied it to the fund.

*Sold things-if you are crafty, get creative! I make several things and sell them for extra money.

*Returns-anytime I saw anything around the house that needed to be returned, I put that money into the fund.

*Extra money-anytime we would find extra cash or have an extra few dollars, it went into the fund!

*No Dining Out! We cut our $100 monthly dining out budget down to about $10 during these months of savings. That money was applied to the fund!

*Lived on less-I ONLY bought what we needed and what was on my list during that time. It was very important that I didn't go over my grocery budget at all during those months!

*Used stock-Instead of worrying about getting the next great deal, I focused on using the stock we had on hand. Staying away from the Drug Store deals saved me money. Even though there were good deals, I didn't need to go and spend money each week. I made sure that I only went for FREE or items that would make me a profit.

*Write it down-I mention this all the time on this blog about writing everything down. Every dollar we saved was written down on a sheet that was posted on the pantry door. We looked at it everyday. It was a great experience to share with our 5 year old. She loved saving money and going to Disney World (of course)!

I encourage you to dream big! My husband and I want experiences, more than we want "things". Set goals, put them on paper and work together towards them. Get creative and watch it pay off!

Hope you all have enjoyed this series!

Wednesday Blessings~

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